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Press release for the 2019 vintage by Ronan Laborde

Press release for the 2019 vintage by Ronan Laborde

Check out the 2019 vintage report and press release

“For the 2019 vintage, Great Growth producers increased their presence in the vineyards and were more attentive to their terroirs than ever before.


Climate change is currently a major global concern and this was reflected in the latest vintage.


The Bordeaux region benefits from a temperate climate and century-old expertise and has, in recent years, produced 3 high-quality vintages, despite the spring frost in 2017, which significantly reduced yields and highlighted the struggles winegrowers face against the vagaries of nature.


2019 was marked by a less rainy winter compared to previous years and a long, fine and dry summer that will long be remembered for several days of record-breaking heat (41°C was recorded on 23/07- a July record!).


Light, regular rainfall throughout the season helped the vines stay hydrated and stimulate growth.


These ideal conditions made it possible to pick Sauvignon Blanc and Sémillon grapes in the Graves and Pessac -Léognan appellation in early September.

Rainfall from late September onwards was conducive to producing perfectly balanced, fresh grapes in the lead up to the red grape harvest.


2019 will be remembered as a “made-to-measure” vintage for Great Growth producers who were able to choose the ideal time to begin the harvest.


With the aid of technical tools and advanced scientific expertise, emphasis was placed on repeatedly tasting the grapes and knowledge of the terroir, to choose the ideal harvest date.

2019 produced superb white wines, fully expressing the various textures of the Bordeaux terroir (gravel, sandy-gravel or clay-limestone).


The 2019 red wines are deep, delicious and attractive with good ageing potential, grown on a large expanse of vines stretching from the gravelly soils of Saint-Estèphe in the northwest to the clay-limestone terroirs of Saint-Émilion in the southeast.


The Sauternes and Barsac appellations produced delicious and well-balanced sweet white wines albeit in small quantities, due to the delayed development of noble rot.


The Bordeaux region, which is famous for producing 3 types of world-class wine (reds, whites and sweet white wines) ended a prosperous decade on a high with yet another fine vintage.


The Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux will be delighted to see you soon to discover the 2019 vintage.”



 Ronan LABORDE – Président de l’Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux


Report on the 2019 Vintage

For further information about the 2019 vintage,  please refer to the report drafted by Laurence Geny and Axel Marchal, from the ISVV (Institute of Vine and Wine Sciences of Bordeaux)


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